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Break the Stretch Limo Myths

May 17, 2017 / 0 Comments / 620 /
Limo Myths
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Still, many people are not eager to hire limos because of few factors. Unfortunately, most of them do not know that those factors are just limo myths.

Here are some top myths which deter people from hiring New Jersey limo, more especially the stretch version ones.

Stretch Limo is an Illegal on Road

Because of some speculations, they are considered as road-illegal. Well, it is just a myth. In fact, they have been operated since decades ago. These can be illegal if non-certified or bogus companies use the vehicles for their own profit. So, the best way to break this myth is only hired the reputable company.

Stretch Limo Can’t Get You Everywhere

While in some places like Himalayan mountain is not accessible for the limo, the rest of it is not true. Obviously, there are some practical limitations in which other vehicles have the same fates with the limo. But it is not a big deal. In fact, there are many places in New Jersey which are reachable by a stretch limo.

Hiring Stretch Limo is a Privilege For Rich People

Although it is true that rich people are mostly the regular user of the limo, anyone can use the service. In fact, New Jersey limo service has been used for various events including prom nights, bachelor or bachelorette party, meetings, birthday party, and much more. So it has been cleared that all folks can have the same experiences.

Stretch Limo is All About Prestige and Statement

While it is true that some people emphasize on both aspects, the stretch limo is there also for practical needs. It offers not only good interior and seating capacities but also high-quality transportation service which you can’t get in public transportation. For instance, New Jersey limo vehicles basically have 2 compartments: one for customers, and one for chauffeurs.

Stretch limo is just for a short trip

This is yet another myth need to be broken. It is an untrue statement from folks who consider this as two-way short tickets to the venue and back home. In fact, the limo can cope with long drives. Many companies claim to have run their limo for 24 hours.

Their Drivers Are Just Ordinary

It is yet the other understatement about hiring a stretch limo. Although it is true that some cab drivers are courteous and professional, most of them are not literate. In fact, all chauffeurs are courteous and highly urbane. Dressed in a nice suit, they show professionalism. With such respectful manners, they will be best companies for the passengers.

There you have it. Once you know these myths, we believe you won’t hesitate to hire New Jersey limo for your exclusive necessities.

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