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New Jersey Limo – How to Be A Good Passenger

February 26, 2018 / 0 Comments / 42 /
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The New Jersey Limo has been serving such great transportation experience for most clients. They are sworn to deliver the best things for the clients to meet the demands and requirements. Presuming that the New Jersey Limo company has done well with their role, you also need to pay attention to few things to be a good passenger. There are rules to follow, whether they are unwritten or written. We have compiled and summed them up to brief tips that you can follow easily. So, let’s just get started.

First things first, safety is a must considered when it comes to the fun and comfortable trip. It should be the primary concern for both parties: passengers and driver. We can’t neglect the fact that safety is often overlooked. The reliable limo companies are pretty strict to follow the rules. They won’t transport more persons than allowed by the local laws. Whether you are going to hold your own event or other’s, it is important to know the exact number of the passengers so that you can choose the right vehicle for this.

The limo is a high-end transportation. Both company and chauffeur will respect you as a customer. In return, you should also respect them. Limo companies have spent a lot of their resources to deliver such excellent service. Treat them with respect and sensible acts.

The basic laws apply to all the passengers, no matter what’s your status and background. Laws will not go soft although you’re the son of New Jersey governor. The laws include the prohibition of underage alcoholic drinking, drug use, smoking, and even standing through the limo rules. There are some other rules that you also need to pay attention. You know, the violation of these laws will instantly terminate the contract between you and the limo company. They can partially terminate the contract with no possible refund at all.

Be a good passenger by following the local rules as well as respecting the agreement between you and the limo company. The New Jersey Limo company will do their best to deliver the adequate transportation service for their customers. As the passengers, you can also take your responsibility to perform the proper etiquette so that the limo experience will be great.

Don’t forget to tip your chauffeur if you think that he has delivered such excellent service. The gratuity tip can vary from 10% to 20% depending on your satisfaction level.

There you have it. Now apply these every time you hire limo service. You will be rewarded with such nice experience, for sure.

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